A Beggar Uses a Credit Card Machine While Begging For a Little Help

Nowadays, beggars and street children filled the street in different urban areas caused by poverty and illiteracy. Many of them are kids, old people, persons with disability that will definitely make you feel guilt for not giving them a little help.

Mostly beggars are present in developing places and cities because here, they have a bigger chance to receive money, foods, and other help from those more fortunate people.

There are some instances you will think twice or doubt them if you are going to give them help because you as a minimum wage earner or still a student, you also need to keep that money for your own good in purpose that you should save it to something else. However, giving a little amount to those who are really in need does not cause shortage because you’ll never know, by giving you will received more blessings.

In our society, when we are in the state of having wealth, we normally forget that there are a lot of unfortunate people who needs at least a little amount or help since it means a lot for them when you give or feed them.

Nevertheless, what if the situation got a little serious and the beggar who begs for something is a kind of being aggressive. It is obvious that they do begging and insist in an appropriate way to give them in purpose that they only do this as a business or easy money since they have the ability to work.

This video clip contains an incident wherein a beggar does something that shocked the people inside the car. While asking for some little help to the persons inside the car and he was denied because they don’t have cash in their wallet and what they had are credit cards only.

The beggar then pulled something from his side, the two people inside the car got amazed when they found out that it is a debit and credit card machine.

After he did this hilarious revelation behind being a beggar, the two inside the car who were capturing the moment have nothing to do but laugh very hard. Truly, as our technology is evolving, we cannot deny the fact that no matter how unfortunate you are, if you are covered with this developing society, you can also upgrade your lifestyle and items in doing your source of income.

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