This Child Secretly Saves up and Hide All of His Money Inside A Wooden Door

Remember your childhood days when you were taught to save money by depositing your coins into a piggy bank. Those were days you still can’t own a bank account.

A Facebook user shares a video clip that went viral in no time showing a destruction of a door filled with coins inside it. The coins are located inside a typical wooden door soon discovered.

A child is the one who was responsible for this overflowing money, he loads it with coins and it was a good sign that this child will soon adopt this kind of character until he grows old.

The video clip’s numbers in social media gathered around 1 million views, 7.4 thousand likes, 17 thousand shares, 1.9 comments and still counting and increasing.

According to her mother’s caption in the said video clip:

“Pinag ipunan ni (name of her son). Lipat lang natin may 3 months ka pa para mag ipon hindi na kaya ng pinto.”

Since the door cannot carry anymore the weight of the coins, they removed the coins by cracking the bottom part of the door. After that moment, they were surprised when coins came up composed with huge amounts of 1 peso, 5 peso, and 10 peso coins.

Netizen’s reaction was hilarious, some are putting jokes, some were impressed for the boy’s action enabling himself to save at a young age.

This video is one great example for each one of us to save up money as early as your age in order for you to secure your future. We should always know the importance of saving money so when the time of adversity comes, there will be no fear of becoming short.

You should always keep in mind that sometimes salary from your job isn’t enough to support your needs when an emergency comes so you might need to have a strict budgeting and savings habit.

Source: Facebook

Watch the video clip below:

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