Robin Padilla Shares an Adorable Moment With Her Daughter Isabella While Teaching Her How To Speak Tagalog

Robin Padilla is a film actor, producer, director, and a screenwriter. On top of these, he was also known for being a nationalist. He’s a full-fledged Filipino who values his country more than anyone else can.

Last January of this year, a Korean contestant who doesn’t speak in Filipino joined “Pilipinas Got Talent”. And as a judge, he asked the Korean guy to speak in Filipino knowing that he stayed in the Philippines for a long period of time.

Because of this, he was engaged in a controversy. A lot of people were enraged and even called him a racist. Mariel Rodriguez- Padilla on the other hand, defended her husband and mentioned that what Robin did is just out of his love for the Philippines.

And if Robin has to make a choice between their family and the country, no doubt he would choose the latter. She explained that Robin’s love for the Philippines is so deep and is very hard to comprehend as it is beyond anyone else’s imagination.

Despite all these, Robin is a kind-hearted father to his youngest daughter Maria Isabella Padilla. In a video uploaded by his wife Mariel, he was seen having a sweet bonding moment with his daughter.

Proverbs says to train up a child in the way they should go so when he’s old he will not depart from it. This is exactly what Robin is doing.


He makes sure to spend time with his daughter and educates her to learn how to speak Tagalog at a young age. In the short clip uploaded in Instagram, Isabella keeps on saying “meow” after Robin teaches her to say “pusa” referring to a cat illustration on the children’s book they’re checking out.

Netizens find this video cute and went viral instantly. Robin is a well-known patriotic Filipino and it’s no longer a surprise that he also wants her daughter to love the country especially the Filipino language.

Source: Mariel’sInstagram

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