Babies Tried Lemon, Then The Reaction of Their Sour Faces Are So Adorable

Babies are said to be the best gift of life. They are sweet and adorable that could definitely brighten up your day. They are like angels in disguise because they sure can make you smile in their own little ways.

A lot of videos that feature babies are circulating online which are very entertaining and will definitely lighten up anyone’s mood. An example of this is a video where babies are seen trying to taste a lemon.

A lemon is an oval citrus fruit with thick fragrant skin and is known for its acidic juice. It also has a sour taste and is commonly used to make medicine to treat diseases such as cold and flu.

Because of these, most parents make sure that their children are knowledgeable about its benefits. In a compilation video that went viral, babies reacted to the sour taste of lemon as they try it for the first time.

Babies are not a picky eater as they eat whatever their parents give them. However, they have the option to like or dislike the food that’s being fed to them depending on their taste buds.

So when lemons were offered to them, they willingly opened their mouth and tasted it. Different reaction of babies was shown on the video and it is very delightful to watch.

At first, they were shown a lemon and were very thrilled with its vibrant color. They are all up to the challenge of tasting it without knowing that it will bring them to the next level of tartness.

These babies who tried to taste the lemon turned their lovely smiles into a hilarious reaction as they all put a sour face. Some shook their body, some were even on the verge of crying while others just smiled and were still up to the challenge of finishing it despite its sourness. Indeed, their innocence is what makes them adorable.

This video will definitely make anyone smile and laugh as it gives positive vibes.

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