This Woman Feels Embarrassed After Realizing She Was Walking On The Wrong Side of Escalator

Communication has always been very significant to people. It plays a big role in our lives as humans because it is the key to a strong and healthy relationship.

Without this, it would be so hard to express our thoughts and ideas to others. Communication often requires an individual to be physically present so they can have a better conversation.

However, this can’t be applied to some cases because of the distance that prevents them from doing so. In this matter, a lot of invention were developed to keep everyone connected regardless of the distance.

In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell invented the first working telephone which contributed a lot to the society as it allows people to converse with each other regardless of the location.

Over the years, technology has been growing exponentially which made a huge impact on telephones as it also advances to the present. From the regular wired telephones to wireless, we can say that it totally evolved. Aside from this, mobile phones were also developed.

Mobile phones are small devices which are very handy as you can carry it wherever you go. These are devices which allow you to send and receive messages, call someone and even see your friends and loved ones onscreen.

It is popularly known as Smartphones. You can also download applications which will enable you to stay connected with people. You will not feel boredom too because it offers a lot of features such as games and photography.

Because of the convenience that smartphones bring to people, most are always attached to it. Many can relate that we spend too much time using it that even in the morning when we wake up we first check our phones especially our social media accounts to see the latest update.

Regardless of its contribution to the society, smartphones also have its disadvantage to people. We’ve seen a lot of misfortune or accidents that occurred because of the use of it.

An example of this is the lady who was captured on a video that went viral after it was uploaded. She was unmindful of her surroundings as she was too focused on her phone.

The lady was glued to the screen of her phone as she was so busy texting someone. While doing so, she used an escalator to go to the next floor of the building, unfortunately, she took the wrong one.

She kept on walking trying to reach her destination but was not successful because the escalator was going down. She looked around but still didn’t notice that she took the opposite side of the escalator.

As of today, the said video clip has achieved over 6 million views after it was posted. It was so funny that even the lady almost falls on her knees laughing after she realized that she made herself looked like a fool.

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