A Dog Owner Received a Warm Welcome from his Pet

In this world full of unloving people, there are dogs who will love you unconditionally. They can be your companion, stress reliever or best friend. Dogs are also very loyal to their owner and their love for them is so deep which is hard to fathom.

They are even willing to die for them just so they can protect them. Dogs have come to mean so much in our lives that we even consider them as members of the family.

An emotional scene of a man and his dog sharing their love for each other was captured in a video and was posted by a public page in Instagram recently.

A page @cuteanimalsco posted in Instagram the other day and wrote:

“How sweet is this? Just pure Love…Because all living beings deserve to be treated with Love and respect.”

It was seen on the video how sweet the dog was when he gave his owner who just arrived a warm welcome. The dog reached out to his owner as if he was offering a handshake and so he didn’t disappoint him.

He kissed his paws, hugged him and gently touched his back as if assuring and telling him that it’s okay now, he’s finally home. This touching footage garnered more than a hundred thousand likes and views in a short period of time.

The strong emotional connection between the dog and its owner made a noise in Instagram which made it a hot topic all over social media.


We all know that a lot of people love animals and even own dogs. Because of this a lot of viewers appreciated the video as they witnessed a real love between a dog and a man.

They also expressed their emotions through the comment box. Truly, dogs are not just dogs because they are a man’s best friend and best lover.

Source: Facebook

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