This Teacher Gave Paper Bills To Her Students Serving As a Reward For Theirs High Grades

Teachers are every student’s hero. They serve as our inspiration as they shape our ability, mold our personality, strengthen our imagination and help us build our future.

Where we are right now is something that we owe not just from our parents but also from our teachers who continuously nurture us with knowledge.

In addition, a good teacher is someone who is very passionate and dedicated in terms of teaching. They also find ways to capture the hearts of their students to be able to build a strong foundation and relationship with them.

In this video, a Thai teacher went above and beyond everyone’s expectations. As students, we normally see our teachers as a strict, terror, and sometimes an annoying individual but above all, they love us and treat us as their own children.

Teachers are also considered as our second parents because apart from our biological mother and father, they too are our source of wisdom, motivation, and inspiration.

This video shows us an example of a great teacher. Her name is Lan Huong also known in their school as the generous teacher. She was wearing a royal blue blouse while her students are wearing their regular school uniforms.

In her table, there was a bunch of paper bills bundled by rubber bands to be given away. A long line of students is also visible in the video.

Probably, these students just finished checking their examination papers as they stood in line and patiently waited for their turn to submit their test result.

On the other hand, the teacher examines their test results and reward them with a couple of bills depending on their score. In the end, each student received a cold cash from their teacher.

This kind of strategy to motivate her students to study hard seemed to be really effective. Well, everyone wants to be rewarded for their hard work and these students surely deserve it. This video just proved that what you sow is what you reap.

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