This Boy is a Natural Born Genius Doing Calculus at the Age Of 3 and Finished College at the Age Of 14

We all aim to finish our studies as we strive for knowledge and success. At the same time, we hope to graduate with flying colors and make our parents proud as it is the best gift that we can give them.

Carson Huey-You, a 14 year old degree holder broke the record as the youngest person who received a bachelor’s degree from Texas Christian University.

At this age, some may still be struggling to pass their exams and worried about their academic standing while Carson just finished it all.

We all know that Calculus is the mathematical study of continuous change and is part of modern mathematics education which is normally being discussed in High school and College.

This study is very difficult for children to comprehend but Carson is an exception. According to Amy Peterson, his mother, at the age of three, he has already shown an interest in Calculus which is very unusual for young children.

Well, Carson was a natural born genius. He was then home-schooled at a very young age and graduated in high school when he was ten years old.

Furthermore, he finished his undergraduate chapter with a Physics degree and minors and Mathematics and Chinese. In addition to his achievements, he plans to take a doctorate’s degree after getting a master’s degree in Quantum Mechanics.

This young boy’s dream is to execute his knowledge and share it with other people through teaching. On the other hand, Carson is no different from the other children of his age. He lives a normal life who enjoys the company of his friends.

He also shares a strong bond with his two younger brothers and plays with his dog, Klaus Von Klitzing who was named after the 1985 Nobel Prize winner in Physics.

And just like normal children do, he also likes to play games such as Minecraft, checkers, and chess. This young boy also likes to read the books “The Lord of the Rings” written by an English author J.R.R Tolkien and “The Chronicles of Narnia” written by Clive Staples Lewis.

In this coming year, Carson will be starting his master’s degree as the same University. He will be with his 11-year-old brother who is going to be a freshman and will be taking Astrophysics. Indeed, their parents are truly blessed for having gifted children like them. No doubt, their parents are really proud of them.

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