This Two Men Built a Mini-Swimming Pool Without Spending Cash and Used Only Natural Materials

Most of the things that we see in this world are the products of our own creativity. Buildings, schools, resorts, amusement parks, and even our houses are the results of our creative ideas. As humans, we all have the ability to create something out of nothing.

A Facebook page “VIRAL TRND” posted a four-minute “do-it-yourself” video tutorial which will prove that we are all creative in our own way.

The video features the two men who are behind the idea of building a swimming pool on top of a house without the use of any equipment. To begin, they examined the area to where they will execute their plan. It was a place surrounded by plants and trees.

Then they gathered all the materials needed to build the house. With the use of freshly cut tree trunks, they built the house’s framework.

Slowly but surely, they made sure that its foundation is as strong as possible to avoid an accident. They also used bamboo cuts as the ceiling, dried long grasses as the wall and mud to cover it.

Soon after they finished the mini house, they started to make the base of the swimming pool. They created bricks by molding the mud so they can use it to finish their project.

Patiently, the two men heated the bricks that they created into the flames to solidify it and make it more durable. Step by step, they placed all the bricks in order and made an empty rectangular pool.

Lastly, they painted it and filled it with water. After all their efforts and hard work, they were able to make their own swimming pool to which they can enjoy freely. Well, a dream will not become a reality if you’re not going to work hard for it.

These two men simply did an amazing job by working hard to have something they want. Truly, creativity allows an individual to create something which produces the most extraordinary results.

Source: Facebook

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