This is One of The Toughest and Most Breathtaking Job You Could Ever Have Imagined

Ophrah Winfrey once said, Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life. Because you become what you believe.

People often ask us what we want in life, what we want to be or what our plan is five or ten years from now. Then we start dreaming.

We dream to be professionals and we aim to live a successful life. But in order to make our dreams come true, we have to take a step forward and work hard.

Life is hard and so our job. We all know that. Even if we are working in an office where we can sit all day while facing our computers, doing reports and dealing with people, at the end of the day we still complain that it’s difficult and tiring.

What more if we are working under the heat of the sun which drains our physical strength?

A video of construction workers went viral in social media as they were seen working without safety equipment. We all know that every company ensures the safety of their employees especially construction companies because it’s a very dangerous job.

However, in this video, it was very visible that these people were not wearing any safety vests, harnesses or safety gears while standing on top of a tall building with metal bars, high poles and cemented walls.

As of now, this video already garnered millions of views and is still circulating online. Many netizens were alarmed and shared their opinions and reactions on the said clip. They also dubbed the construction career as the “hardest and toughest job of all.

All the buildings and other infrastructures we see nowadays were built by construction workers. Without them, it will just be an empty land.

While they are working on those buildings, they are also putting their lives on the line. Therefore, it is very important to ensure their safety.

People shared their thoughts about the video. Some said that the employer should be held responsible while the others said that it might be because those people don’t have any contract and are not regular employees.

Nevertheless, they should be careful and should prioritize their safety because we only live once.

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