This Man Secretly Dances “BOOM BOOM by Momoland” Inside His Room Then Someone Suddenly Open the Door

We all know that a lot of Filipinos are very much into Korean dramas, Korean pop songs, and other Korean things.

So when a Korean girl group called Momoland popularized the dance craze “Boom Boom” it was no longer a surprise that it became a hit in the country.

It was so captivating that many people were so hooked to it as they sing the song and dance to its rhythm. Some people, as well as celebrities, even uploaded a video of themselves dancing the hit dance craze.

According to Bob Marley, to forget your troubles you just have to dance. Well, this is what the man on the video just did. A Facebook Page called Trending Pilipinas posted a short clip of this man while dancing.

He was seen shirtless featuring his muscular physique which was probably the result of his daily workout.

This man is no exception from those people who are addicted to “Boom Boom”. Afraid to be caught, he closed the door carefully. Then he reached out to his phone and excitedly played the Momolands hit dance craze. Surprisingly, this man can dance.

It was so evident on the video that he memorized all the dance steps and he was really enjoying the music as he showcased his dance moves. However, the fun was interrupted when someone opened the door.

When the guy who just entered the room asked what he was doing he immediately checked his phone and exclaimed that the song changed. Luckily, the guy didn’t really see what he was doing.

Many people enjoyed watching the video because it was so entertaining and something that they can relate to. Though there were still people who are not happy about it because they said that it was all scripted.

Well, you really can’t please everyone. What’s important is that it made a lot of people laugh.

Source: Facebook

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