Everyone Who Wants To Know Him Find It Very Hard to Understand His Name

A given name for a person is essentially needed in order for every individual to identify a specific person. Most especially in a certain group like clan or family with a common surname, it needs to provide a first name to differentiate that person from the others.

Every name of every individual around the world has its own uniqueness and it’s the parent’s decision or choice what they would likely name their child.

Once our name is bestowed to us by our parents when we are born, we are going to carry that identity until our last breath and will even be written to our tombstone.

Typically, there are instances wherein first name or nickname are being used in an informal situation as familiar or friendly manner, however, in more formal situations, surnames are commonly used more likely in universities or job except if there is a need to differentiate between people due to an identical surname.

As you can see in this video, a man is being asked repeatedly by a certain interviewer. He kept on asking “what is your name,” again and again since he can’t understand what the man is saying. The man being interviewed is citing his name many times.

It is noticeable that the man is getting annoyed upon the man who records the video as he keeps on asking over and over again. They both have the same accent but the man with the camera can still hardly understand the name of his mate.

We don’t know if he is only poking for fun with his friend and pretends that he can’t understand or the name was truly really difficult to understand for everyone. He even asked his mate to spell his name, but he isn’t able to do so.

Truly, it is only hard for those people who don’t understand their language or culture since most people in different race find it so difficult to remember or recall names in other languages they are not familiar with.

However, not everything you watch on the internet should be taken seriously since every content like this being shared has its own intention such as making it viral or give entertainment to other people.

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