Panda Makes Eating Bamboo So Satisfying To Watch

A lot of people love Panda bears because they are cute and harmless. Some people would even visit the Zoo in different places just to see them. Pandas are likely to have a perfect life. They can eat and sleep all day and still be cute.

Photo: ScienceMag

Undeniably, they are the cutest bear amongst the other eight species of its kind. Pandas are easily recognized by the large distinctive black patches around their eyes and body. They are also a huge type of mammals and are also known to be carnivorans.


However, they are primarily herbivorous due to their diet. These South Central China natives mainly live in Bamboo forests high in the mountains because bamboo shoots are their main diet.

According to WWF or World Wide Fund for Nature formerly known as World Wildlife Fund, each panda can consume 26 to 84 pounds of bamboo shoots in a day. Well, it’s very evident in their body that they eat that much because they are all fat.

A video that was uploaded online features a Panda who enjoys eating 2 bamboo shoots. It was so visible in the video that this giant panda enjoys every bite of his food and he does not seem to mind anyone at all because he was too busy munching his favorite meal.

The video was very satisfying to watch which will make you fall in love with them even more. Pandas are indeed adorable and harmless. Compared to other species of bears they are the rarest.

Unfortunately, these panda bears we adore are at risk of extinction. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), with a population of nearly 17% over the past decades, pandas have been considered as “vulnerable” species from being “endangered”.

Therefore, we, as humans and panda lovers we should protect and treasure them. They need our help. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more videos of Panda bears enjoying their meal and life. Way to go Pandas!

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