Chito Miranda Was Impressed By How His Wife Neri Naig Arranged Their House

Most women will have a little moment of silence while reading those sweet lovely captions by Mr. Chito Miranda as his way of expressing his love to Neri Naig, to every post he was sharing on social media.

It melts the heart of many people every time the Vocalist of Parokya ni Edgar, Chito Miranda reveals to the whole world how much lucky he is to have this woman in her life. Inspiring and influencing other guys that this is how to treat women the right way to make them feel extra special.

He shares this kind of affection in public of how proud he was in every good little things his wife does because he is also a fortunate man to have this kind of wife which is caring, loving, and responsible wife.

Chito never failed to make her wife feel special and thankful as he shared again another post about Neri on Instagram. The images he shared was a snap of their living room and a caption that was like a melody to hear.

This is what Chito Said:

“Sobrang trip ko yung pagkaka-ayos ng asawa ko sa bahay namin! For me, it’s simple and elegant, but still very homey, comfortable, and cozy. Some may not like it, but honestly, who cares? She likes it this way and I love it…and that is what’s important.”

Chito cited a fact that one’s happiness will never ever come upon you if you will live your life according to what other people may say or think, however, happiness will appear by design if you will do what you love.

“That’s why I’m still here, and that’s why I still enjoy doing what I do even after doing it for more than 2 decades. Tulad ng sinabi ni Neri, trip nya lang talaga mag-ayos ng bahay, at ginagawa nya ‘to dahil nage-enjoy sya, and we should all remember to do it for fun, and to please ourselves, at hindi dahil gusto natin magpa-impress sa mga tao.”

Also, Neri Naig uploaded a photo of their dining area in which she is still thinking about having another arrangement or leave it like that, decision-making of Neri is the meaning of the image. She also shared that she wanted to rearrange it instead of buying other appliances.

“Gusto ko ulit ayusin at medyo ibahin pero same pa rin ang mga gamit kase ayaw ko ng bumili ng panibagong gamit kase mahaaaaal, hehe! Medyo iibahin ko lang ng konti para maging mas fun at mas masarap tumambay sa dining area.”

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