He Was Once a Lost and Homeless Guy But Now He is a Successful Businessman

It is true that life could wreck you down and push you off the track but getting back on the track is a really great story to tell everybody. It’s those who becomes the motivation and inspiration to people.

46-year old Khalil Rafiti was a homeless guy 13 years ago. Yep, and to top it all off, he was involved in consumption of illegal substance. You might think he was hopeless, but you might very well believe this, a friend helped him out and pushed him to start a juice business.

He was only 48 kg before and was living as a homeless man. He pushed himself to change and put his life back in order.

Now he is a successful entrepreneur. He named his business, SunLife Organics Juice bars who specialize in fruit juice.

They also offer fruit cocktails, frozen yogurt, and coffee all from organic ingredients. To stay true to their name, they use alkaline water, Himalayan pink salt and dandelion greens for a fruit juice.

Their most popular juice was the “Wolverine” which is a smoothie with bananas and dates.

He also wrote a book named, “I Forgot To Die”, which basically tells his success story from rags to riches. He also provides juice for the patients and staff at the Rivera Recovery Center. They also helped him recover and focus on his health.

They opened a branch in Malibu wherein people can’t stop coming in for a perfect place to drink healthy. They also sell healthy beverages which made people remember their brand. The organic drink became a craze. They also love the concept of juice bars and came out with “The Elixir of Life” and “The Happy.”

Some clients of Khalil is Singer Angothy Kiedes of Red Hot Chili Peppers and actor David Duchony of X-files fame. Khalil also treats his employees well and was the secret of his success.

Do not be contented with what you are now because one day you might be surprised what’s in store for you.

Keep on dreaming and aiming high even if life knocks you down, get back up. Kudos to Khalil for being an inspiration to all of us.

Source: Elitereaders

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