Kids With The Most Beautiful Faces In The World and How They Look Now As They Grow

To employ young models is a long time public issue. A lot of men and women is not favorable and believe it has bad effects on a child while on the contrary, some think it will not cause any harm.

It started a matter of discussion when a French model named Thylane Blondeau took part in a famous magazine Vogue’s (Vogue Enfants) photo shoot six years ago which made citizens worry more about these young models and what will later happen to their life’s disposition.

In spite of the fact, we cannot stop seeing these beautiful and magnificently made young children. Let us see and what features them.

1. Anastasia Knyazeva

Like Gigi Hadid, a model in GUESS, Anastasia started her modeling career aging only four years old and the year was 2015, same with Gigi. By that time, she is a natural photogenic.

Based on her mother, she fairly does her career and title as a model while prioritizing her studies. Her mother messaged Anastasia’s advocates on Instagram after her achievement has known.

“Thank you, dear friends, for your kind words and congratulations,” she wrote in her native Russian. “We learned about our title a few days ago from the Western media. But yesterday this wave of information reached Russia. We will with dignity wear it.”

2. William Franklyn – Miller

This young teenager model became an immediate internet sensation in Asia in 2016 even though he may not be famous in the western world. The journey started when a Japanese admirer uploaded a photo on the internet of this young London-born and a resident of Australia since 2013.

Responded and noticed quickly until it went trending which resulted in sharing his picture for a shocking more than 95,000 times.

William Franklin Miller just woke up in another day of his life has a lot of devotees on his Instagram account and to update, it’s more than 100,000.

He was also highlighted on a Japanese news site where he was called a Justin Bieber Australian version. It is effortless for us to visualize why he is an absolute cutie.

In fact, Miller has been familiar with this kind of industry as he has been an actor when he was four years old, it just took so long to give attention to him. Currently, having a lot of admirers giving back all the credits for what he had been doing a long time ago.

Where it came to a point, he received calls for schedules of auditions from different agents in the US and are lined up.

He is now reaching a massive half a million fans, and followers on only one social media site Instagram and continue to raise its number.

3. Anastasia Bezrukova

This youthful, attractive teen was born in 2004 and had her supermodel career before she reached her teenage year. When she was a kid, her mother and father put up a photoshoot with a photographer within their area.

Not on their imagination, they all thought it would not work well. But on the contrary, it turns so good that the fashion industry was amazed and started to reach them out for projects.

Both of her parents, a businesswoman and a lawyer are unaware of the career that she’s getting into. They can stop her fame that she become desired by all in her country Russia and immediately became a worldwide supermodel.

Bezrukova has seen in famous magazines such as Vogue Bambini and Harper’s Bazaar. This teen has also been engaged with different fashion labels like Armani, Benetton, and Pink.

The only difficulty she encounters being a young model is insufficient time for school work. But keeping in mind that she travels to different places and has the opportunity to meet and work with magnificent fashion icons, we suppose she’s not worried.

Aside from modeling, Anastasia is a keen dancer and gymnast. She is currently thirteen of age and getting her busy schedules rocked the house down and published on advertisements.

4. Isabella Rice

Does anyone visualize what she wanted to be at the age of seven? That’s taking place to Isabella Rice who made her parents aware that she’s gonna be an actress.

She was seen in the drama industry in the year 2013 in a short film together with a Hollywood icon, Cloris Leachman.

Taking into consideration that it was only a short film, she was not noticed for the role she had. Isabella was also seen on the TV show “Glee”, the same year with a small role and still didn’t get that much attention.

She decided to came to her acting career and acquired the three-episode holding back on as Sarah Compton on the “True Blood” which is a TV series.

This is where her milestone started and later reach stardom as a child actor. In relation to this, her parents and relatives need to provide security for her.

She stated that she begins to mature in an affectionate and spectacular surrounding. Keeping in mind that she is a very young lady and will have a beautiful future beyond, maybe that’s the reason why her parents conserve her solitude.

The destined leading lady in the making plays a role of Katherine Heigl’s daughter in a movie released in 2017.

5. Laneya Grace

When we say gorgeous and good looking kids, Laneya Grace can be said as a natural born talent. This beautiful little lady was born in San Francisco, California year 2004. Laneya’s mom and dad had a different impression that will make her special. The send pictures of her to FORD which is a modeling company.

And their suspicion becomes real as the agency desired to spot this attractive young lady in person and offered her a contract quickly. From then on, that is the start of her journey at the age of three. A photojournalist is captured by her green eyes and angelic face.

Unlike the right-aged personality which takes long years to reach stardom in the modeling era. In a short period, Laneya has reached the highlights of her career. She has been engaged to top companies like Guess and Maleficent toys.

She is also seen in “Wake Me Up” video as Avicii with Aloe Blacc and Kristina Romanova. Last year, she had her contract signed for Wilhelmina Models, a well-known modeling agency. There are assessments that she created over $3 million produced from being a young supermodel.

6. Kristina Pimenova

You might be out of the news line if you are not aware of the “World’s Most Beautiful Child.” This young lady made on top of reports in 2014 making known for that certain title.

That same year she began to create a public issue about her journey as a model and most of all her attractive, good-looking facial features and she is also nine years old but proving to be knowledgeable and familiar to the fashion world.

Glikeriya Shirokova, who was a model also, Kristina’s mother were obviously inherited her fond on this line of industry. When she was little, Glikeriya would fetch her along with her projects. Later on, photojournalists discovered her beauty and began to take a snapshot of her too. Agencies and fashion companies were immediately caught by her stunning youthful beauty.

Pimenova first got her contract signed when she was only three years old. And to name some, when she reached nine years old, she was engaged in outstanding projects like Armani and Dolce & Gabanna.

Her kin migrated to Los Angeles where she entered LA Models youth division. Her mom manages her online pages which obtain millions of followers.

7. Thylane Blondeau

During that particular time of Kristina Pimenova, the same youthful girl also creates trending news in the line of fashion. She was known to be the “Most beautiful kid in the world” at the age of 4, and her name is Thylane Blondeau.

She first experience walking in the catwalk for Jean-Paul Gaultier before she reached her kindergarten level. Later she was featured as a cover girl of Vogue infants. Success came and accompanied by a bit of public disagreement.

When Blondeau was ten years old, she made an outstanding publicity on all of the press. While she was seen in Vogue Paris, she was featured to wear a low cut dress and stiletto heels. A lot of people commented that it doesn’t fit her age. Fortunately, everyone’s criticism doesn’t stop her down. She is now 15 years of age and still earning fame in the modeling world.

She was listed to be the little Kate Moss and will follow her Kate’s footsteps, also being a model of IMG models and the famous L’Oreal. We can also see her on H&M and titled the 2016 face of the brand. This child model made a profitable profession online star in Instagram.

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