Proof Photos That Nature is Winning the Fight Against Civilization

While most of us have all the technology that can help us do everything easily at times, still nature or mother earth has the control over those things. Everything that we can see around such as, abandoned buildings or villages, places and things, nature still wins and it is a living proof that we only have limited time on Earth and nature exist longer than us.

With this in mind, here are 20 beautiful photographs of places and things that nature is in the process of claiming it.

#1. Kirovsky’s abandoned building by the sea

This abandoned building by the sea was once a booming fishing village of Kirovsky in the Kamkatcha peninsula in Russia that was founded in 1907, it became abandoned when the economy suffered from a drift-net disaster in the late 1950s to early 1960s which led to the sharp decline of fish in the region. Because of that, many fishing villages disappeared and one of them is the Kirovsky which cause the end of the fishing business in the region.

#2. Beautiful yet abandoned railway station in Abkhazia

At the time of the collapse of the USSR in 1991, much colorful grandiose building, significant cultural, historical monuments and landmarks turned into ruins and now covered in dust and plants, one of them was a beautiful railway station in the former Russian territory, Abkhazia.

#3. Ireland’s abandoned mansion

The ruin of Ireland’s former big houses and mansions, lying in overgrown fields and out of the sight of locals, slowly crumbling as the years pass by.

#4. Pripyat abandoned city, Ukraine

Pripyat city in Ukraine was once a beautiful town housed the families of thousands of men and women working at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. But on April 26, 1986 it turned this beautiful town into a ghost town when an explosion at the plant caused radiation to leak from its nuclear reactor.

#5. Tree Roots with pattern

Tree roots following the concrete tiles which result in a beautiful pattern.

#6. Sydney’s century-old abandoned ship, Australia

A 102-year-old SS Ayrfield was a ship used in World War 2 in 1972. It was transported in Homebush Bay of Sydney Australia, it was a stranded vessel with an incredible foliage that covers the rusted hull which referred as the Floating Forest.

#7. Ghost town swallowed by the sand in Namibian

Kolmaskop is Namibian’s deserted town that housed the German miners. Diamonds was discovered in this deserted town in 1900’s.

#8. Creepy abandoned Ferris wheel

A creepy abandoned Ferris wheel looks like one of the scenes in a horror movie.

#9. Sorrento’s old mill, Sicily

The old mill of Sorrento in Sicily was also known as The Valley of the Mills or Called dei Mulini and was abandoned around 1940’s.

#10. Aquarium Shopping Mall

Bankok’ shopping mall in Thailand was once called the New World Shopping mall but because of fire and constant heavy rains, it became a roofless building and a haven for fish.

#11. Stunning abandoned Parisian railway

A beautifully abandoned railway in France has not been used for almost 80 years and now become a garden of wild plants and flowers, and a haven for city’s natives.

#12. A tree with a Piano

A piano and a tree were actually meant for an art installation of California State University, but when the piano was cut the tree starts to grow in the middle of the piano which part the whole piece.

#13. A Bike in the tree

The bike believes to be owned by a young boy from 1950s who doesn’t know that he lost it. It left people from wondering how it ended up in the middle of the tree.

#14. China’s abandoned fishing village

Abandoned fishing village in Shengshan Island was once home to more than 2,000 fishermen but was abandoned in the early 1990s.

#15. Charleroi’s abandoned power plant, Belgium

The magnificent and once was one of the country’s largest coal-burning power plants in Belguim was build in 1921, however, it was now abandoned and was coated with moss.

#16. France’s 160 years old railway

The remnants of a beautiful abandoned old railway in France

#17. A car graveyard in Belgium

Legends say that this graveyard of cars in the town of Chatillon, Belgium was owned by US servicemen, who was stationed in the area following World War Two. They park and hid their cars in the forest due to the cost of shipping them overseas and they never tried to retrieve their cars and nature took over it.

#18. Hong Kong’s Sprouting trees on walls

Nature has its own way of impressing the people as we can see in the photo.

#19. Hotel’s abandoned room

Abandoned room in a Hotel was once a luxury retreat to people but now, paint peeling from walls, decaying suites and rotting furniture overall it looks creepy and dirty.

#20. Siem Reap’s Temple, Cambodia

The Temple of Ta Prohm at Angkor Cambodia has been left to the clutches of the jungle with its interaction between nature and man-made art. Some were captivated by the trees growing out of the ruins and gives you the feeling of discovering something hidden and truly ancient.

Most of the time nature takes over the movable creations of humans. Looking at these pictures, you can`t help but wonder why men are used to destroying and shattering everything when they all have to do is take good care of it.

Simple changes can be made to better Mother Earth, so start taking responsibility to make a difference or else it may descend into nothing.

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