Mariel Padilla Revealed Their Home With Cozy “Venice Grand Canal” Swimming Pool

Most fans and followers of particular celebrities opt to find out their idols’ personal property like houses and cars. When it comes to this matter, they are so curious and once they saw it, their hearts were filled with joy.

You can measure one’s success through their invested properties and how much wealth saved in the bank account.

Many people have their own thoughts link to the celebrity idols they admired that once they reach the success in showbiz, it could mean that they are also collecting decent properties.

Just like this couple who we all know how much success and influence they had in show business for all the years they spent working hard as famous celebrities.

Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla, they are characterized as one of the most popular and influential celebrities in the showbiz. Robin Padilla as one of the most notable action star in the industry of their chosen career while Mariel Rodriguez is one of the prominent host and actress.

They are open in public when it comes to some aspects of their personal lives as they never hide their love story to the public and even Mariel’s journey to her pregnancy was shared through social media.

Mariel Rodriguez conceived a baby for a couple of times but unfortunately, they also lost it every opportunity. But she and Robin never give up in having their first child as a partner until Baby Isabella come into their lives.

Mariel shares how much happy they are as a family and how proud she is for having a responsible father of her daughter. Mariel loves to share every lovely moment they have. She usually shares it through Instagram.

You can obviously notice how much love this couple is giving to their very first daughter. They are the most ideal parents to have for any child since they are all-out in giving all the best for their child. They treat Isabella as one of the greatest blessings, so in the result, Mariel and Robin build a house for their family that contains an expensive swimming pool that has a design inspired from the very famous Venice Grand Canal.

Mariel Rodriguez shared their adorable moment through Instagram and captioned the post with:

“Our Saturday morning bonding: Family boat ride. Thank you daddy @robinhoodpadilla for @mariaisabelladepadilla’s boat.”

Source: Instagram

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