Waiter Shows Off His Dance Moves While Taking Orders From Customers

In this world full of unhappy customers, be that employee who is happy to serve.

We all know that being a waiter is not an easy task as it comes with a lot of responsibility such as greeting, assisting, taking orders, and serving customers.

A waiter’s primary goal is to make sure that every customer is happy and satisfied with the service they have provided.

Recently, a video of a waiter who works in a certain restaurant was posted on Facebook which has been making noise in social media. The short clip shows the waiter’s passion and enthusiasm towards his job.

Many people were entertained by his way of accommodating the customers because he started with doing some crazy moves as he walked towards the customers’ table.

The customers, on the other hand, were a bit surprised of his act as he was dancing when he handed the menu until he took their orders.

It is very unusual for waiters to dance while doing their job that’s probably why the customers were quite confused about the situation.

Nevertheless, the man did his job well by making sure that the customers were properly assisted. He also did an excellent customer service by going an extra mile to entertain them.

Indeed, if you have the passion for your job regardless of the difficulty it’s all going to be worth it. This video proves that when passion and hard work are combined together it can generate an excellent result.

Below are some of the comments of the netizens:

“Waiter is not just for service, it’s for entertainment at the same time. I’m a waiter.. were all dancing when someone celebrates their special day in our outlets.”

“Nowadays, people get a job for the sake of earning money without giving much consideration whether they like their job or not. At least this guy obviously loves his job and he’s earning too. God bless you po!”

Source: Facebook

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