You Could Also Be A Victim, Here are 5 Ways To Protect Our Facebook Account From Hackers

These past few days, millions of Facebook users had experienced automatic logging out of their accounts. This news has gone viral instantly because of massive people who had encountered the same problem which is due to the protocol of Facebook Team.

The reason for this forced log out of Facebook accounts is to secure and protect all of this 50 million accounts from threats of hacking or security breach.

According to Facebook Management, they opted to reset the accounts to make the important private information unexposed and avoid them from the potential hacking of data which suspected to be affected vulnerable to this hackers.

Due to all these incidents, further caution should be taken to secure our Facebook accounts:

Here are 5 ways in order for us to secure our accounts from possible hackers:

1. If there are any instances you encountered forced logout on your account, it is better procurement to immediately change your password.

2. You should be wise in choosing your password, it is more helpful if you are going to use numbers instead of words. You can also add up some strategies when changing your password, you can make a combination of a password using 1 Capitalized letter (Upper-case) and the rest are lower-case letters with numbers in purpose to make your password difficulty level harder to guess.

3. Unlink your Facebook account from Applications you allowed especially those who were requesting for credit card information.

4. Go to “Settings and Privacy” to check those devices who recently logged in your account. If you ever noticed that there are device who had logged in to your account, you might need to take an immediate action for this by clicking log out all the login sessions.

5. It is also recommended to use 2-way authentication factor verification. Once you log in using your password and email, it will also require a 4 digit code sent to your mobile number linked to your Facebook account. So before you log in to your account, one should enter first the 4 digits sent to a mobile number.

Aside from all these precautions we had shared, we should always be mindful from all the information we are sharing through Facebook. As much as possible we should limit all the information that we are sharing, this is also for our own security.

Source: Marisse Gulferica

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