Look at Luxurious Mansion of Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres

Fifteen years ago, celebrity couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez initially planned out in investing a condominium unit in Makati. However, they failed to comply with their dreams and so they thought why not buy a mansion.

Richard Gomez, at first, hesitated in the run as the property itself is a bit an ouch in the pocket. In the end, their decisions paid off because they owned an extravagant place to reside in a popular village.

It doesn’t end there. The couple planned it out carefully from an all-out renovation and utilization of the whole property making its value higher than its actual cost.

The two-story house they purchased became more accommodating and captivating. Their decisions are indeed wise enough to make them kings and queens of their mansion.

The owners also strategized to renovate the whole house in a year so that there are no specks of flaws to be seen. The Gomez family also made sure that their house is a full reflection of memories they share.

Architect Jay de Ramos, together with contractor Anolito Guina shared their expertise to make Gomez’s visions into reality.

External view

The house was mainly surrounded with greeneries adding a vibe of soothing feels. The external view wasn’t ruined because the paintings were mostly covered with milky white and streaks of black outlines making it relaxing to oversee.


As you enter the house, you are already visiting other places. The main door was made actually of sentimental pieces from their houses back in Greenhills.

The painting situated right above the main door depicts a prominent painting called Norma Belleza. You can also project yourself in a mirror bought in a furniture store at Sumac, Cebu.

Living Room

Their living room is filled with the things that mean to them as what Lucy stated in an interview. For instance, Isabel Diaz’s paintings of orchids were the center of attraction.

Lucy bought a customized wooden table that she placed below of the painting. Diaz’s other floral art is pleasantly placed at the side of sliding doors. The whole space is spacious and comfortable whenever visitors are entertained.

They are warmed up by the natural lightings and brings comfortable breathing space because of high-ceilings. The delightful vibe in the living room makes it more exciting to live in.

Resting Area

You might wish that there are places in your house to blow away your stress or have a quick siesta, Gomez had already enjoyed it. Their resting place is high on tranquility, serenity, and calmness.

The couches might tuck yourself in as it was made from Dimensione and settle your glass of drink in a glass-topped reception table. The artworks in the walls make it more homey-feels because of Chiquita stools by Kenneth Cobonpue and brass sculptures of Michael Cacnio.

Dining area

The Gomez family would not worry about inviting a large family over in their dining area because a Dimensione-crafted long table could accommodate up to 10 people – making it seemed memorable as it is unified.

Green Revolution, a prominent painting of Hernando R. Ocampo also joins the party because of its eye-turning beauty. If they would like to have a lovely breakfast, they could enjoy so in a small dining area illuminated with the sun rays from the transparent windows.

Comfort Room

Beauty comes with sanitation. Their comfort room could be in a five-star hotel because it comes with elegance full of toiletries and aesthetic services.

Kitchen Room

The kitchen room is not exempted from Richard’s lavishness in the renovation. It features a spacious workplace so cooking is easy-on-the-go and conveniently-on-the-go because of the world-class cooking equipment.

It redefines the definition of a typical kitchen and ‘dirty kitchen’ as it painted white and neatly. They also made it customary by putting a shelf for small appliances, dinnerware, and even cookbooks.

The contrasting effect of old-fashioned chairs to a modern-styled kitchen makes the whole picture an exceptional one.

Master’s Bedroom

White’s prevalence makes someplace relaxing, like Gomez’s master’s bedroom. It is covered with thick carpets and rags that provides volume.

Master’s Bathroom

Geraldine Javier’s lone painting at the top of the bed intensifies the feeling of comfort. Master’s bedroom has also its closets placed neatly in the bathroom together with the paralleling toilet and shower area.


The hallway is more closely a “the hall of fame”. The huge wooden shelf on the pathway as you walk provides you with a preview of small artworks, books, Gomez’s lifetime achievements, and awards.

The other side of the wall looks like a mosaic of artworks featuring ones from Kiko Escora, Clairelynn Uy and Ronald Caringal.

Juliana’s Bedroom

Juliana’s bedroom is as simple as it can be with study area complete with all the studying necessities she needs, gigantic shelves that serves as a place for numerous sports awards and book collections.


Tropical vibe can also be felt inside the porch with sturdy wooden table partnered with green plants. Lucy’s also resembled like a princess with her teacup collection placed on a china cabinet with a David Medalla artwork on top of it.

The outside pool is also upgraded by the contractor to a larger one paving a way to a more enjoyable and finer place to gather in.

The modern era has its own kings and queens whenever it comes on houses like this. Would you want to own one?

Source: hottestonlinetrends.com

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