True Love Does Exist As This Thai Model Choose Motor Taxi Driver Over Rich Suitors

Society’s one way of defining models is that they are picture-perfect from attractive looks to rich lifestyles. They stunningly caught every eye passing by.

They are local celebrities who are featured in magazines. Overall, they are something as precious as a gem and according to social norms, they should shine other gems together.

However, a bird on the same flock is not exempted from exceeding the boundaries of love. A model is still a human, like us. They do what we do for a living.

They earn, eat, drink, sleep, etc. They are not crucified by the dictating mouths of society. They decide for themselves especially when it comes to love.

A Thai couple proved to us that a model and taxi driver could make a perfect match together.

A 22-year-old popular Thai model, named Jubjang Nutchanart Chaichan gave her love to a 25-year-old motor taxi driver named Wutthichai Saeng-ngern.

The couple fueled an uproar of judgments when netizens found out her boyfriend’s social status including his occupation. Jubjang knew and braced for this controversy and shut them once in for all in the Facebook post she recently posted.

Jubjang pointed out that she felt happy with Wutthichai. She emphasized that their mutual feeling with each other covers the differences of themselves.

She also proudly stated that she will go wherever her man go, eat what he eats and never get tired of it and that’s why she chose this man.

Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Thailand is the landmark of their first encounter together merely five years ago.

They initially planned out to start a small business together in Ramkhamhaeng area in Bangkok but the clothes and the shoes they sell didn’t work out.

They’ve gone separate ways as Jubjang debuted into modeling and Wutthichai engaged in working as a taxi driver.

Nothing beats love. Aside from its ups and downs, Jubjang and Wuttichai survived in fighting for their love amidst their differences financially and socially.

Faith is what keeps the love burning brightly and not the current status of one another.

Source: Manilaflash

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