Filipino Inventor Uses Water As a “Natural Fuel” for The Motorcycle

Imagine living in the era where our vehicles won’t suffer from expensive fuels but use water to run its machine. Now it is possible thanks to Noli Dazo, the inventor of “Tubig na Gasolina”.

“Dazo Water Fuel Hydrogen” better known as “Tubig na Gasolina” or “Water Gasoline” is not a science fiction we see in movies. It is patented by an “Outstanding Filipino Inventor of the Philippines” awardee in the identity of Noli Dazo.

“Tubig na Gasolina” is not only fast, efficient and eco-friendly. It is also special and unique as it doesn’t co-exist with any other machines around the world.

Now, Noli Dazo urges 90 million TODA from Region 1-12 to patronize this innovative and premium gasoline. Tricycle drivers now have a budget-friendly reason to continue their life on roads.

The Dazo Water Fuel Hydrogen boasts its powerful factors against the old-fashioned fossil fuels, petrol, and diesel. It doesn’t provide dirty pollutants but is still quicker three times.

There are no unused fuels left by this gasoline so that it can fully boost the engine as well as its ignition.

Lesser fuel doesn’t mean lesser acceleration. As you pour down this fuel, you use lesser fuel that is equivalent to the normal fuel powered by petrol and diesel. This means it is not costly to obtain one – another reason to own one.

This fuel’s by-product is still as it is, just exists in another phase – steam. Steam cleans up the deposits specifically old carbon stuck inside the engine. It also leaves a cooling effect which makes it efficient to use.

Water Gasoline is more than just a plain water. It helps us by restoring the environment we live in. The foul odor of gasoline you smell in a station could be now a thing in the past as we promote the convenience of this fuel.

Watch the video below:

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