Man Found A Strange-Looking Stone While Walking on The Beach Which Happened To Be an Expensive Fossil

When we say treasure, buried golds and artifacts are the ones popping on our heads. Little did we knew that sometimes it is scattered on plains, mountains, sidewalks and even seas.

This is the case for the 21-year-old treasure hunter who happened to be surprised of the ordinary-looking stone he saw, and it was actually an ancient fossil worth of heaps of cash.

A lot of us looks forward to discovering something unusual and peculiar. Treasure hunters devoted themselves to seeking the remains of the past like artifacts and fossils. The older it is, the pricey it gets and the more crucial for historical accounts.

The lucky retriever of the fossil is Archi Faiers. He is a former mason, lured by a David Attenborough’s documentary into becoming a treasurehunter.

Like we see on most movies, he was just wandering beside the shore of Lyme Regis with his dog and stumbled upon an odd rock. Enigma soon strucked him after seeing the rock.

It was like on of those shows mystified by its appearance only to reveal that a fossil is engraved within.

The 50-kilogram round rock is almost identical to the fossilized ichthyosaur, a sea dragon, that is captured by Attenborough in his documentary while searching in Lyme Regis.

Faiers was known a fanatic of David that he followed his steps on Lyme Regis. He said that the fossil he found was near to the spot where the TV fossil was found.

In a rockslide happened on the cliff, he quickly took the rock home after obtaining it. There is nothing hindering for Faiers to break it. He is a national awardee for his skills in masonry.

He grasped a traditional mason tool to delicately and creatively open the tough antique. As the outside of the rock slowly teared away, the treasure’s image starts to get clearer.

It is a 190 million-year-old ammonite of microderoceras richi typically found on Jurrasic coasts. It is enclosed in a shell of cephalopods named by Alpheus Hyatt last 1871.

He was shocked by the discovery but remained calm. He hopes that as years go by, he would have finer tools to use in his hunt.

Apart from his interest in treasure hunting, he finally settled in a small business wherein he craft furnitures and displays made out of stone. Talk about being skillfully lucrative for a guy like him!

Treasures are creeping everywhere. We just have to be a keen observant of these precious objects. So, the next time you roam around, open your eyes and widen your perspective. You might not know you’ll discover something extraordinary.

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