Sleeper Bus With Huge Beds and Comfort Room Made It More Comfortable To Travel Going To Bicol

It’s already a pain in the ass of riding a bus for two hours in the city not to mention numerous passengers congested inside. How about half a day long sitting in stationary en route to Bicol?

It’s travel torture! Rather than suffering on a jetlag inland, we choose to travel on air.

Now, Bicol Isarog Transport System will give you a more comfortable reason why you should choose the bus. It had bunkers instead of chairs so that back pains aren’t a problem anymore. The next time you rest on a stopover, you wouldn’t mind stretching your legs and be drained.

Dubbed as the “sleeper bus”, it is now traveling from EDSA Cubao to Naga City and vice versa. It had beds that resemble ones on ships facing each other.

Privacy isn’t a problem on a bus anymore as you can cover your space with the provided curtains.

You can also fully charge your batteries on a USB socket so you wouldn’t end up having a “dead battery” like most of us before reaching the destination.

It had also a comfort room whenever you needed and a bonus WiFi to maximize your time with the internet it provides.

Naga City is a long way to go but with sleeper bus, it tends to be shorter as you dream along the travel. It is still equivalent to the number of hours in a normal one but cannot equate the comfort you get.

The beds are not just beds alone but also transform into a seat whenever you want to watch your favorite shows without suffering from searing cramps and stiff necks. It’s two birds at one shot indeed.

The one-way fare for this convenient bus is 1350 pesos per person. In one click, you can check their website and book a ticket with a specific date.

Never forget also to check their availability and choose the option “Sleeper Bus”. Reserving early is necessary as the bus only offers a limited sweet 18 beds for a sweet ride to Bicol.

Transportation today is not just for our destinations anymore. Companies are trying to improve and satisfy passengers.

They are also trying to make traveling not a burden but rather a cozy journey.

Their slogan states that if you sleep in Manila, you wake up at Bicol. Hopefully, in the near future, you would wake up everywhere in the Philippines.

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