This is John Lloyd’s 1,100-Square Meter House In Antipolo

One of the in-demand Kapamilya celebrities that is fantasized by many girls is the all-around John Lloyd Cruz.

He is a package brought to us by ABS-CBN’s Star Magic as he is now ramping along a runaway, acting realistically into character and we he got chances, hosts a TV program.

He worked his way up to the climax of his career like starring on teenage dramas. Humble beginnings indeed.

Speaking of John Lloyd’s acting career, he grabbed the limelight of the industry when he performed on daytime and nighttime telenovelas such as It Might Be You, I love Betty La Fea, Home Sweetie Home, Maging Sino Ka Man, and Immortal.

Who would forget the box office hit co-starring Bea Alonzo as they put an astounding chemistry between “Popoy” and “Basha” in the movie “One More Chance”.

Sweat and effort paid off when he successively hiked the zenith of this industry. Apart from fame and money, he owned a French-Mediterranean-inspired mansion located in Antipolo City.

Majority of the property he owned was completed and all he did was to add finishing touches within his taste. It is a vast real estate measuring up to 1100 square meters.

Inside of it was an eighty-square-meter guesthouse to cater all visitors, families, and guests that had its own bedrooms, bathrooms, living area, dining area, and even a cooking area.

In an interview, the actor wanted the American vibe inside his house leading him to choose a French Mediterranean design like one of those homes in Los Angeles.

John Lloyd was satisfied with his Manor as he said he was relaxed and comfortable in its finest. He didn’t want any complexity to ruin the minimal look of his house. It’s not that elegant, nor unwinding but hits right off John Lloyd’s spot.

It is unusual to find a lavatory and enjoyment room but it existed on this mansion. Cathedral-like ceiling glimmer on living area providing a spacious area for the people.

A view of the pool and the garden is perfect for a soothing taste, that’s why they put the 10-seater Narra dining table in the center of the dining area. It looks grandeur for anyone to sit on it as it will make you feel like royalties.

A powder room is the more sophisticated comfort room for John Lloyd. This is located under the stairs and the living and dining areas.

A staggering 75,000 pesos was invested on a urinal with an extended flush that cost him 35,000 pesos. The room also contains a toilet bowl, fully-functioning one.

John Lloyd likes to watch cooking shows so he bought an American manufactured double-door fridge together with the ice-and-water dispenser.

Koi fishes for natural colors in a pond and a large swimming pool made an amazing façade towards John Lloyd’s home.

The sneak and peek of his stunning house reminds us that it’s the reward of hardships in life.

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