8 Filipino Celebrities Who Fell In Love With A Fan and Got Married

Nothing could be overwhelming for a fan to give her “I do!” to her favorite celebrities. One ought to say that the chances of winning the heart of your preferred icons are significantly low to almost impossible.

Well, don’t lose hopes towards your fanatic admirations because eight Filipino celebrities have been forever attached with their fans.

Alfred Vargas believes in “Love at first sight”. Amidst the busy fiesta, a fan named Yasmin Espiritu caught the eyes of Vargas. He said that this is the woman he is going to marry even though he is not sure if Yasmin will agree.

Luckily, Yasmin is a die-hard fan of Vargas as she kept many posters of him on the wall of her room and admitted to had watched all of his movies. Vargas did not waste any time and tried cliché tactics or any “cool” talks just to get her number. A decade ago, they were married and blessed with two children.

Aicelle Santos was clueless of the fact that Mark Zambrano was a secret fan of her. Now, the singer-actress and Zambrano are happily married to each other.

Lucy Torres is a representation of any girls hyperventilating to any popular guys in showbiz industry. She would cut out photos of Richard Gomez on any magazine and paste it out on her notebook back when she is in 6th grade.

Little did she knew that the Inday Bote superstar ended up being her long-lasting partner. She now had proven to her classmates back then who did not believe her because she’s the lady of the ever-handsome Richard Gomez.

Rodjun Cruz is an actor craved by many girls. One of it was Diane Medina. When they were married, Diane Medina quickly followed Rodjun to fulfill their showbiz career together.

It is rare to see a politician who ended up with his admirer. Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista is a prominent example. Evangelista never hid the fact that she looked upon Chiz.

A personal message from your idol hypes up your spirit. Isabel Oli, before tying a knot with John Prats, received a “Hi Crush” message from her then-idol after running towards him in Ayala Cebu.

She is like any girl fans who would do anything just to take a picture with Prats. It did and gladfully it started their romance.

Alwyn Uytingco had a close-up meet and bonded with his fan Jennica Garcia before ending as his everlasting partner.

Annabelle Rama was a fan of Susan-Eddie tandem back then. She is unaware that she would be Eddie Guttierez’s eternal tandem. Back on their first meet-up, Annabelle did what she can to speak with this actor and luckily arranged her date with him.

Nothing is impossible in this world. The icons we support wholeheartedly also needs to love and you are not an exemption..

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