A Street Cleaner Found a US$22,000 in a Rubbish and Return It to the Owner, Then She Refuses the Reward

It’s tempting for us to grab an instant cash we found on trash. But that is not the case for a good Samaritan. Honest. Humble. Honorable.

This suits up for a Chinese street cleaner returned 150,000 yuan after she came across while doing her job. She humbly refuses any reward given to her because that’s a part of her work and did what is just.

Li Man, a street cleaner, was busy sweeping off any specks of dust on that Tuesday Morning in the district of Haikou, capital of Hainan.

Amidst the morning atmosphere, she actively glanced upon a bag instinctively thought as a scrap. As soon as she found out that there are clusters of a hundred yuan bills, she needed to make sure that it will be returned quickly.

She stated that it was accidentally dropped by someone here who is maybe worrying right now. Li then took the bag without any hesitation to a local police station to hand it back to its rightful owner.

After two hours of waiting for it to be returned, Zhu, a businessman was located by the police officers. They identified him because of the receipts stacked along with the retrieved cash.

When he presented himself in the police station, he is distinguished as a local company head. He revealed that the cash was a day’s earnings.

Zhu, overwhelmed by the laborer’s good deed, he offered wholeheartedly a sum of 20,000 yuan (equivalent to Li Man’s yearly salary) to reward her honesty.

But she courteously handed down the offer. She told Hainan News: “It’s what I should do, there’s no need.”

Netizens praised Li and entitled her as “the beautiful sanitation worker with a noble character”. Good moral is a trait she kept in her heart.

Even she admitted that she needed the money, she used it overpower the wickedness of taking the money for herself.

Aside from the praiseworthy works of the street cleaner, the story also caused an uproar regarding the low income of the street cleaners.

With the yearly salary of 20,000 yuan paid to these hard-working laborers vs. the province’s annual average salary, it had become one the lowest in the country.

No matter what is our principles and statuses in life, we should do the right thing. Not just we helped them or we portrayed good morality but also stays us away from haunting conscience and guilt if we ever keep it for personal reasons.

Source: SCMP

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