These are 7 Signs Showing That Your Partner No Longer Loves You

The scariest thing about falling in love is the thought that there is no such thing as constant, there will always be some things that will happen and change in oppose to happiness.

However, some people are brave enough who would risk all they had in the name of love. Entering into a relationship is such a difficult thing to do since you don’t have any idea if this would last long or fail in just a nick of time.

Having doubts about your current relationship? This article will probably help you. You should always be aware of different things when it comes to a relationship.

So, we are here to show the following signs that you are no longer loved by the one you love the most:

1. Your partner has changed a lot, he/she no longer show the love he or she used to do

This is not a good sign for your relationship because the love you get back in the old days has changed a lot and doesn’t appear now in the present. All that your partner doing now is for the sake of impressing someone else.

2. Your partner is not focusing whenever you are having a conversation

This is the time you will notice your partner have something or someone else in their mind. You will feel that he/she is in front of you but you cannot feel his /her being. The most hurting feeling that you are like left behind and alone.

3. It feels so heavy deep inside that you have nothing to talk about

We can say that both of you found a comfortable place to each other if even in times that you have nothing to talk about but there is no awkwardness. That only shows that you have found your happiness to each other’s presence.

But there are some circumstances in a relationship when the time comes that you have something to tell your partner but you would not even bother anymore to tell what is in your mind because it seems like useless since he/she doesn’t care or listen to what you will say.

4. Your partner always blame you again and again to even little mistake you just committed

It is not healthy in any relationship that you always got blame to any little mistake you do. He/she is always showing the inconsiderate attitude and his/her patience is too low when it comes to you.

5. Your partner no longer shows any sign of being a supportive lover

It is always necessary to any relationship that both of you is the number one fan to each other. Support is an important thing to make your partner grow and build a stronger relationship.

6. Your partner always find a way to have an excuse of being with you

If your partner always repeats his/her reason for not being available to come to your date or come for a visit at home, it is a definite sign that he/she no longer loves you. No matter how busy a person is, if he/she really loves you, he will take time just to contact or meet you.

7. Your partner no longer have plans for the both of you

There is no such thing that your partner will always be right in your relationship. He/she will always have thoughts of the future or having you as his/her wife or husband.

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