7 Secrets Of Japanese Women On How They Maintain Younger-Looking Skin and Slim Body

If you have tried to visit Japan you will observe that women in middle age stay young looking, slim and beautiful for their whole life.

To add more, their young looking skin and slim body are caused by their healthy lifestyle and cuisine. Japan citizens are people who observe a healthy lifestyle that is why they have a long and healthy life.

Apparently, it is a country who have the highest proportion of people who live a hundred years or more in the world.

They do not care or focus on what is the taste of their food they eat due to the health benefits of the foods that they will intake.

Here are some reasons why Japanese women look younger and slimmer:

Green Tea

They are people who are a fan of green tea. They have a ceremony in preparing matcha or the green powdered tea. It is a Japanese culture. It came from dried high-quality leaves which they grind into a fine powder.

This kind of tea is delicious and contains many benefits like helping to lose weight, reduces the risk of having complicated health issues. It also helps them to cleanse and detoxify their body.

Small Portions

It is important for them to know their portion because it can help them to lose weight. It can also help them to lessen the consumption of their food. Therefore they are aware on the serving that they take so they just serve a small portion only.

Fermented Foods

Foods that undergo Lacto-fermentation, means the preserving its natural nutrients in food can create vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids.

Martial Arts

is one of their physical activity. It helps to boost their muscles that prevent them from skin aging. It also helps them to lose weight.


Japanese people walk instead of riding a vehicle it is their own way to have their simple daily activities. It also energizes their body to helps them prevents some heart problems and lessen the possibility of being stress. It also helps them to improve their mood.


They prefer eating seafood instead of red meat. Red meat contains low cholesterol that can lead to obesity. Japanese people do not eat rice instead they eat noodles with kinds of seafood.

Healthy Desserts

Instead of eating desserts that contain too much sugar they prefer eating fruits. Fruits help to radiate the skin that prevents them from aging rather look more youthful.

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