Do You Remember Actress Joyce Jimenez? Here Is She Now After Leaving The Local Scene

Actress Joyce Jimenez became a sensational artist in her younger years in the local scene here in the Philippines. She is one of the most talented actresses that became famous because of her lead roles in different movie genre.

She was also labeled as the “Pantasya Ng Bayan” after filming se*y movies under VIVA Films in the early 2000’s. She even collaborated with famous leading men such as Richard Gomez, Albert Martinez, Jomari Yllana and Aga Mulach.

After doing a lot of films, she also unknowingly retired from the showbiz scene same with other celebrities who gained so much fame yet fades instantly like a bubble in the spotlight.

It was revealed later that Joyce Jimenez had settled down in 2008 with his Fil-Am partner, Paul Ely Egbalic, who is a United States Airforce soldier. They had gorgeous children named Jorja Ely, Jaysen Elise and Julian Elysson.

It was difficult for Joyce to change her status from a celebrity to a simple and quiet life as she stated in her interview with ABS-CBN news. She had told them:

“Iba, iba kasi you went from everyone doing things for me, to me doing everything for someone else.”

She also pointed out that she was proud of her work in the local scene creating top grossing movies when she was still in the Philippines.

“I’m proud of all the movies I’ve done. I don’t regret anything. Sa akin, when I did those movies, I was of age, and that’s all they were, they were just roles to me. I don’t think it made me any less of a person,” she added.

Joyce currently lives in San Diego, California and works as a supervisor. When she was asked if she would enter showbiz again, She told that:

“I enjoy acting. I loved just what I carried out in the Philippines. Kung pwede lang that I can do it and still have my family alongside me.”

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