This Beautiful Canadian Girl Travelled Thousand Miles Going To Philippines Just To Marry a Filipino Guy She Met Online

Lots of people today are finding it hard to have what they call “Forever” while others are battling to make their LDR or long distance relationship work.

A relationship needs time and effort of seeing each other often feeling secure of their love for each other and fixing issues right away.

Being in a long distance relationship is a hard thing and sometimes it is not successful and leads to break up of couples. But as they say if you really love each other, distance is just a number and nothing could separate both of you or ruin your relationship.

This has been proven by another success long distance relationship of a Canadian woman and her Filipino boyfriend.

Elodie and Romel started their relationship online in 2009,when the guy simply sent a friend request to the woman and she accepted it.

Elodie lives in Canada while Romel lives in General Santos City. For almost three years of friendship, they came to have that special feel for each other and that simple friendship blooms into having affection and love.

Though it is hard to maintain such kind of relationship not seeing each other in person, the couples have remained faithful with each other and make effort to make the long distance relationship work.

Finally, in 2012, Romel met her girlfriend Elodie who cross borders and fly from Canada to the Philippines. Though this is just a short vacation for Elodie, the couple had a quality time together and she was able to meet the family of Romel.

Elodie goes back to Canada and remained to be the girlfriend of Romel. The two have continued their relationship and after a year, Elodie goes back again in the Philippines.

This time it is not just for a vacation but it is to marry the one that she loves! Her parents were also with her as she goes back to the Philippines showing their support and guidance to the couple.

What a wonderful story of love that even it started online as long as it is pure, it will stay forever.

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