Rica Peralejo States Her Reason Why She Chose To Leave Showbiz Career

A lot of celebrities have gone to leaving their showbiz careers and chooses to live a simple life behind the cameras. Have you ever heard of Rica Peralejo?

Maybe you have forgotten her because she’s not seen in televisions anymore and if you are a millennial, maybe you did not know her but she is one of the most brilliant and beautiful stars of ABS-CBN Star Magic.

She is also a multi-talented actress who had started her career at the age of 13! She has been a renowned actress but then she chooses to leave the limelight before she got married to a pastor named Joseph Bonifacio.

She is happily married now and enjoys her life as a blogger and as a full-time mom and wife. In an interview with Kris Aquino on her show, Rica said she wanted to give her greatest focus and time for her family that is why she decided to quit showbiz.

A lot of people have been asking her if she wanted to go back in her showbiz career and she said that she is not closing doors for future opportunities.

But for now her major focus is her family and she wanted to set the foundation of her life on what the Bible says. Aside from being a wife and a mother to her children, Rica is also busy being a church member.

She is inspiring people through her blogs and she is writing books about God and her knowledge about understanding Christian faith that would eventually draw a person to come to k ow God and have their salvation.

She also shared that she loved her life more than before and she is satisfied with what she has especially that she is having a close relationship with God.

She tells in an interview that she feels so blessed and this kind of life is what she wanted to live.

What an inspiring story of a famous child actress who chooses life behind the lenses and live a life more focused on her family and God. How about you, what is your view in her decision to leave showbiz?

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