7 Beautiful Celebrities Who Were Linked To Vic Sotto Before Being Married To Pauleen Luna

In the world of showbiz where each actor and actress were partnered in films or TV shows, there is no doubt some of them get to level up their relationship from being a co-actor to close friends until they became lovers.

Vic Sotto being one of the longest renowned actors in the Philippines had a lot of films since he started showbiz and were one of the hosts of the longest running noontime show, Eat Bulaga.

According to some news, Vic Sotto was romantically linked to some ladies and we are going to check them all.

First on the list is Coney Reyes, who became one of the leading ladies Sotto in his movies. In 1982 it was revealed that the two had a relationship and actually had a son named Vico who took up law.

Next is Dina Bonevie, who is the ex-wife of Vic Sotto. The two had children namely Oyo Boy Sotto and Danica Sotto. They got married in 1982 but then separated ways in 1986.

Pia Guanio the co-host of Sotto in Eat Bulaga became the girlfriend of the actor. A lot of people have supported their love team and they were expecting them to get married but then in 2010, the two drifted apart.

Fourth in the list is Kris Aquino who happens to be one of the leading ladies of Sotto in one of his films is also linked to the actor.

Though the two did not admit their relationship, it was surfaced in 2003 when Joey Marquez talked about the exchange of messages between the two.

Christine Jacob, a co-host of Sotto in their noon-time fell in love to the actor. Their relationship was a short one after it comes to an end she quitted the show and continues her swimming career.

Next in the list is Angela Luz, sister of a veteran singer named Paola Luz. She had a daughter with Vic Sotto named Paulina. It was reported that their relationship started when Vic and Connie parted ways.

Last but not least is Pauleen Luna, a co-host also of Vic Sotto in Eat Bulaga. They became lovers and critics questioned their age gaps because Sotto is 62 while Luna is only 27 years of age.

But the two remained strong in their relationship and they got married and had a daughter named Talitha.

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