Little Daughter of Willie Revillame is Now a Beautiful Lady

Willie Revillame was one of the famous hosts in the Philippines. He shocked the public when he revealed that he had a daughter with her ex-girlfriend named Sharon Beduya.

In one of is shows, he approached a little girl and asked if she knows that he is her father. The people in the studio even the viewers of the show where shocked to hear what Willie has said. This meets up with his daughter was arranged by her first born child Meryll Soriano as a birthday gift to her Dad.

Marimonte Shanelle was the name of this girl we are talking about. As per Willie, this is not the first he was able to meet her daughter with Sharon and he was also talking with her over the phone.

The child even said to Willie, “Ikakasal ka na naman?”. What a cute conversation between father and daughter.

Willie Revillame had a colorful life story. Had had a different child with different women but as much as possible he stayed close and hands on to each of them.

His firstborn child Meryll Soriano was her daughter with Bec-Bec Soriano which is the sister of Maricel Soriano, an actress. He also had a 21-year old daughter who now lives in Los Angeles.

Marimonte is the third among his children and the fourth is named Juamme – Willie’s child with Liz. He was not able to see his child Juamme once again because of the restrictions made by the court due to a case raised by Liz against him.

Marimonte Shanelle was called “Monty” by his family and close friends. She grows to have a beautiful face and has resemblance with Willie and Meryll Soriano.

Some netizens who saw her pictures said that she can enter showbiz and be an actress too. Willie was also showing the public some pictures of him with Monty showing how close he is with his daughter.

What a wonderful story that even if her parents were not together anymore, Monty was still close to her Dad.

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