Top 10 Actresses Who Are Still Beautiful Without Makeup

Most actresses we see in public wear their make-up. These young actresses we are going to talk about have a flawless beautiful face even without having their make-up on. I guess they were lucky to be born having a naturally beautiful face.

Top 10 is Jane Oineza who’s real name is Elizabeth Jane Urbano Oineza. Her showbiz career started when she joined ‘Goin Bulilit’ kiddie show in ABS-CBN and also starred in ‘Kung Fu Kids’ movie.

She became popular after joining the housemates of ‘Kuya’ in PBB house. This young actress can be seen not wearing makeup on normal occasions.

Top 9 is Alexa Ilacad who also joins ‘Goin Bulilit’. She is also a vlogger and proves she had a flawless skin in some of her videos wherein she does not wear any makeup.

Top 8 is Maria Isadora Bianca Soler Umali or Bianca Umali for short. Being a young actress and commercial model, Bianca graces the public with here almost perfect features and beautifully align teeth.

Top 7 is Julia Barretto. Coming from a family of actors, Julia is no doubt to have talent in acting and became an actress herself.

With her beautiful face, she became one of the stunning stars of ABS-CBN and can be seen not wearing any makeup in some of her TV guesting’s and shows.

Top 6 is Elise Joson who became popular after she entered the PBB house. Elise would normally show her bare face in public. Her flawless and pinkish face is matched with a natural brow arch making her more beautiful.

Top 5 is Kathryn Bernardo having a natural beauty is hailed by many because of her beautiful face. She can be seen anywhere having no makeup.

Top 4 is Bea Binene who started her showbiz career in GMA’s Starstruck kids show. She has been a favorite of many even in her childhood because she poses a beautiful face without any makeup.

Top 3 is Anne Curtis which we all know is a beautiful and talented actress. Anne has shared her bare face in her social media and even when she is going outside to have some fresh air and have her jogging.

Top 2 is Ellen Adarna who is adorned by many because of her glass like skin with a natural blush. She doesn’t even need to wear any foundation to have a light complexion. She is really stunning.

Top 1 on the list is Liza Soberano who’s beauty is recognized even by foreign celebrities. She still looks gorgeous with or without makeup on her face.

And that’s it! These are just some of the showbiz personalities we can share who has a beautiful flawless face.

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