A Pediatrician Shows How To Calm A Crying Baby Using “The Hold” Method

Nobody wants a crying baby that is why we especially parents would love it f there is a method or any way to calm a crying baby and make them stop.

The recent post of Dr. Robert Hamilton in YouTube have become blockbuster and went viral. He has thought a tutorial on how to calm down a crying baby.

Dr. Robert works at Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in California. His patients urged him to share his medical advice online using YouTube and he just uploaded his first video recently that had reached nearly 6 million views! Could you imagine that?

TODAY parents had an interview with Dr. Hamilton and he said he was a little bit humbled and never in his wildest imagination he has thought of this thing to happen to him.

His technique in calming a baby is called “The Hold” method. First, you have to pick up the crying baby and carefully arrange his arms folding it across in his chest.

After doing so, secure the baby’s arms with your hand supporting the baby’s chin then gently hold the baby’s bottom with your dominant hand and using the fleshy part instead of the fingers.

Finally, position the baby In a 45-degree angle and gently rock him. You can have your own way of rocking the baby as long as it just gentle. Take note of holding your baby secure but gently.

Repeat the rocking motion until the baby falls asleep. And that’s it! As seen in the video, after doing the above process, the fussy baby slowly calmed down and stopped crying.

You can use this method to babies up to 2 or 3 months old because, after this age, babies would grow heavier to hold on this kind of position Hamilton said.

This method has been proven by the doctor for over 31 years and has seen to be very effective to babies.

Source: Today.com

Watch the video below:

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