Lucky Pauleen Luna Had A Newly Built Mansion From Her Husband Vic Sotto

One of the latest couple today who have married and had a child is Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna. They live in a mansion together with their daughter named Talitha.

In one of the interviews, Pauleen said that Vic was able to purchase a lot in an exclusive village at Laguna which is around 1,300 square meters wide.

She also said that they wanted to build a perfect design of a mansion that is why it’s okay even if they waited for a year and a half.

The mansions paint is white making its ambiance relaxing. The living area would welcome the guests with a complete set of the sofa with materials that compliment the vibe of the house.

You can also see paintings on the wall by the National Artists for Visual Arts, Arturo Luz who happens to be the father of Vic’s former partner Angela Luz.

The mansion is spacious and could be used in hosting parties. You can also find some paintings in their dining area wall. These paintings were created by Angela’s daughter Paulina who happens to be Vic’s daughter.

Their dining area looks dazzling in its costly dining table with 12 upholstered chairs and a hanging lamp shade giving a balanced light in the atmosphere.

An addition to their beautiful mansion is their outdoor swimming pool which is eye-popping because of its view. They used to chill here during weekends and held parties also for their friends and families.

Though this place is far from their workplace, the couple Vic and Pauleen would always make it a point to visit their house in Laguna and enjoy their stay together with their daughter.

Some netizens have questioned why there are still paintings of Vic’s daughter in the house if he lives here with Pauleen. I guess Pauline agreed with the idea of putting the paintings because she is happy with the house they have.

How about you what is your reaction or view in this new house of Vic and Pauleen.

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