Secret To A Strong Bond Of Marriage Shared By A Long Time Celebrity Couple Christopher Roxas and Gladys Reyes

We all know that almost all celebrity couples even the married ones were not able to keep their relationship strong and eventually parted ways in end.

But one of the couples who has stayed strong in their married life is Christopher Roxas and Gladys Reyes who happens to be celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary this coming January.

They have four children namely Christoph, Aquisha, Grant and Gavin Cale. These children make their relationship stronger and their home full of love.

Like any other couple, Christopher and Gladys went through difficult times and argue sometimes but they used to manage it well because of “open communication”.

They talk to each other about the problems they see whether it’s in the house or their attitude towards each other. They try to fix them as soon as possible so it will not grow into a back gap between the two of them.

Gladys stated, “Siguro unang-una nag-uusap kami. Ang buhay naming ay hindi na para sa amin , kung hindi para sa mga bata. So bago mo isipin ang sarili ko, iniisip ko muna ang mga bata.” Intimacy for each other is also very important.

“Hindi ibig sabihin na mag-asawa na kayo at may mga anak na ay hindi na kayo magkakaroon ng oras sa isa’t isa”, Gladys added.

As much as possible they also try to avoid pressuring each other when troubles came instead they make a plan to solve it together.

They also practice patience and understanding especially when one of them is tired from work and got cranky sometimes. This is why despite the on-going bill of divorce in the Senate; the couple have been keeping their relationship strong more than before.

With this point of view of a couple in their relationship, they manage to remain their strong bond of marriage over the years!

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