Maine Mendoza Admired by Many Netizens For Achieving Her Dream House

In the Philippine culture, we grow up seeing our parents working hard and even some people around us. We see how they continue to strive to gain what they want and because of this hard work, from being in the bottom they were able to reach the top and inspired people around them.

But some people were not able to make it to the top though they were working their way to climb the ladder so hard. Maybe one of the reasons why this happens is that they were not good at handling their hard earned money.

If you were not good at saving I would say you will just end up working and working your entire life without even experiencing to have a better life of having some relaxation.

One of the Kapuso actress admired by many youths and even adults today is Maine Mendoza. She is admired not just because of her good looks, talents and making people laugh but also because she is very particular in saving her hard earned money.

When asked what her secret on handling her finances well is, she just replied “Magtipid”. It’s probably the oldest rule but it works all the time.

This could be a good practice so you will not be tempted in buying things you really don’t need in life. But Maine also said that the money you have earned should be enjoyed sometimes and that you can use it to treat yourself after a day of work.

Now Maine is already in her way to achieving her own dream home which is a product of her hard work. She was able to purchase a lot that would accommodate her well-designed dream home.

As per some of the interviews with the actress, she said that the construction is on-going and the design would be so cool. “Lobby pa lang pasabog na!”she said.

Maine goes for a modern design of her dream home and netizens where so excited to see the final output which surely a beautiful one.

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