This Bus Offers Free Fare For Passengers Who Will Get the Score of 100 in Videoke Challenge

Aside from the love for food, Filipino people love traveling and singing in karaoke or videoke’s. These are some of the things that characterized a Filipino citizen.

In the recent news, people were so excited to try this rare bus trip in Cebu that travels to Sibonga town proper. This bus has a unique way of entertaining its passenger from a long drive. According to Philippine Star, this bus provides a videoke inside the bus! Yes, you’ve read it right.

A bus with videoke do exist and one more thing that makes it exciting to experience is that the management of the bus company creates a contest that if someone would win a 100 score in videoke, he will be free of his fare. How cool is that?

When it is posted on social media, netizens have shared their different views and opinions about the news. Some were so happy and looks forward to riding this unique bus.

“This is so cool! Traveling while singing in a videoke. aI am going to try this one when I go to Cebu.”

Of course, we cannot please everyone. Some netizens were also not happy with the news. They say it will just cause some accidents on the road while driving like what happened in Korea.

They say this kind of bus is already banned in Korea and should be tolerated in the Philippines. “Yung gusto mo na tahimik ang byahe mo dahil gusto mong matulog pero hindi mo na magagawa dahil ang ingay ng videoke”.

Well, Filipinos always find a way to be entertained and have smiles on their face no matter what the situation is, that is why this kind of bus is really a good find for them and the management gained a good sale because of this unique marketing strategy.

Source: MSN

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