A Very Handsome Bus Conductor Spotted in Dasmariñas Cavite

Social media makes a great impact on our daily lives and it is also a way for some people to get noticed and become viral on the internet.

Some have become an instant celebrity just because their talents were showcased via social media. People always share their life or something they find cool on the internet.

In a recent post being shared by lots of netizens online, a conductor guy from Dasmarinas, Cavite became instantly famous. He was noticed by the passengers because of his stunning looks.

One lady couldn’t help but take a photo of him and posted it online. She posted the photo with a caption “Spotted: Cute bus conductor of a bus going to Dasmariñas, Cavite”.

The guy in the photo wears a pink shirt that really fits his body with big muscles. He also has a tattoo on her arm. The photo has also been shared in a Facebook page named Fashion Pulis and gained a lot of attention for those people who have seen it.

Tough this page claimed that they were not the original source of the photo. Comments and reactions were flooding on the internet and a lot of people were curious about what is the real name of the guy and they wanted to know him more.

They even identify all the good features of the guy as if they were judging a model in front of them. Some have funny comments like they were willing to quit their job just to transfer in Dasmarinas, Cavite and daily ride a bus just to see that guy.

This news just only proves that Filipino people can make any situation fun in a good way. The guy might think that nobody would give him special attention because he is just a conductor driver but netizens proved him wrong. Thanks to the power of social media indeed.

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