Empoy’s Fruit of Success: Shows The Public His Simple House In Bulacan That Reflects His Personality

Being successful in life is not just a dream that when you wake up you are now a rich and successful person. It requires hard work, prayer and sometimes lucks to get to the top and achieve your goals in life.

In the world of showbiz, you really have to impress the management for you to get that dream role of that box office movie you ever wanted.

Empoy Marques or Julius Erman Ramos Marques for his family and close friends have hurled his way to fame after being the leading man of a high grossing film “Kita-Kita”.

His career started after winning Mr. Suave and he was one of the actors who starred the movie Mr.Suave in 2003. He became a comedienne and an actor but was not given a big break in showbiz until the management of the film “Kita-Kita” asked him to be the leading man.

Some critics have questioned Empoy’s acting skills if he is really prepared for the role but Empoy proved them that he can do the role very well.

He was able to connect with the audience together with his leading lady Alexandra de Rossi. The chemistry of the two and the beautiful story of the films makes it a box office hit and gained millions.

With this success, Empoy’s schedule is always full of endorsements, TV guesting and some more TV appearances. He stays in Quezon City close to work but he has a house in Bulacan.

Empoy was able to buy this property way back in 2009 but he said he wants to build his dream home someday.

His house in Bulacan reflects his personality which is simple but is quite quirky in some ways.

According to him, “ Simple lang ang bahay na may up and down basta gusto ko kasama ko ang pamilya ko. Tapos kunwari may palaruan sa loob kagaya ng baskeball. Gusto ko malapit sa bukid pero may swimming pool din.”

In 2017 he became part of “Banana Sundae” and is hoping that he will continue her career in showbiz. It is true that no matter how old you are, success will come your way if you work hard for it. Kudos for you Empoy!

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