A Father Buys An Island Worth 7 Million Pesos Because His Son Need a Fresh and Clean Air For His Medication

Who doesn’t want living in a place with clean and fresh air? Of course, all of us do but we cannot afford to do so because most of the job offers from big companies were here in the city where pollution is anywhere to find.

Some have dreamed of living their lives on an island all by themselves or with families and friend, but not all of us can afford it except this family.

Zhu from Jiangsu China had a son who is suffering from a chronic health problem and desperately needs a clean fresh air to stay alive. He purchased an uninhabited island for around 1,000,000 Yuan according to the report of Kwong Wah.

His son was diagnosed to have a lymphatic health problem when he was three years old and was brought to Shanghai hospital for treatment because of the severe condition.

“My wife and I were crying at the stairs. The doctor in Shanghai said it’s best for my son to live in a place with a peaceful environment and clean air. That could help tremendously with his health,” said Zhu.

With this report from the doctor, the family has been searching for a quiet place to live until Zhu found an island about 1.5 hectares in size. He bought the island’s lease for 30 years and named it Wu Wei which means he will do anything for his son.

The couple managed to build their own house on the island with seven rooms completely with air-conditioners, solar panels, and other facilities.

Zhu also built a building with seven rooms for guests that would visit them in the island. Many have seen known his unique lifestyle and would want to visit the island that is why he prepared a room for them.

“We work when the sun’s out and rest when the sun sets. The air is fresh and cool here. We pick vegetables, catch fishes and plant our own fruits and vegetables. We really enjoy the blessing provided by nature.” Zhu said.

His son’s health problem was cured in just two years of living on the island! Nature has really its powers to help us heal with our sickness that is why we should take care of it more so the future generation will have some beautiful peaceful place to live.

Source: worldofbuzz.com

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