Former NBA Star Yao Ming Proves That It Is Never Too Late To Get A Degree In College Despite His Age of 38 Years Old

Having a degree in college is like an essential recipe in life that you needed to accomplish at your twenties as what people expects from you as a person.

And if you did not get a degree in college, they think that maybe something is wrong with you or you are not smart enough to enter college.

At least this is what the norm says but, in reality, education has no age limitation. You can go to college have a degree of what you want regardless of you are or what your age is. No one in this world has the right to deprive you of this privilege as a person.

One of the persons who prove this thought is the famous basketball player in NBA, Yao Ming from China. He was able to attain his college degree at the age of 38!

Yes, you’ve read it right. He graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University recently. According to the report of The Star, he attended the convocation ceremony on July 8 together with the other 3,300 graduates of the University.

Yao Ming is known as the tallest basketball player in his final season and is now the fourth tallest man in the world. Before he entered NBA he promised his parents that he will complete her tertiary education.

Though it might that long before he was to fulfill this promise at least he didn’t quit but still pursue his dream to get a degree in College.

He admits that being a student is not an easy task and there are times that he wanted to give up but he would always tell himself to push through and don’t quit. He spent 7 years to complete the course in College.

“At a certain stage in the future, you should try to combine your future and the future of the society, because that is how you can find a larger space for yourself to explore.”, said Yao Ming in an interview from SBNation.

Currently, he is busy operating his own restaurant and winery. He also became a spokesman and shareholder of an online English platform.

Truly there will be nobody stopping you if you really want to pursue your dream or even your promises to your to your parents. Thank you so much, Yao Ming, for being an inspiration to many.

Source: World of Buzz

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