She is the Eldest Beautiful Daughter Of Cesar Montano And Sunshine Cruz

Veteran actor Cesar Montano and TV actress Sunshine Cruz have a daughter named Angelina Montano who proves the public that she has the potential of becoming an actress at a young age of 15 years old. Angelina is the eldest among the daughters of Cesar and her siblings are Samantha and Angel.

Due to her parent’s annulment in 2013, Angelina now lives with her mother. Despite this situation, she still gets a chance to bond with her father sometimes together with her siblings.

On her social media accounts, she shared how close she is to her father and her siblings. She also often get a chance to bond with her half-brother Diego Loyzaga.

Angelina is still a kid inside and out and she is called “Buching” by family and relatives because of her chubby looks. Her body figures changes as she grows older and shows how beautiful she is just like her mother.

She has interests in art and she loves drawing and doing sketches. When she was young her parents saw that she loves arts that’s why they pursue her to do it more.

Aside from loving arts, Angelina also confessed that she is a certified “kikay”. She wanted to dress up always and do her own makeup. At her young age, she shows prowess in her style and fashion.

Her parents are proud of her and that she is growing beautiful inside and out. She became a star in social media having 260,000 followers.

She became an inspiration to the youth. Some people have said that she should enter showbiz but Angelina wants to focus more on her studies. Maybe someday we will see her on televisions or movies just like her parents.

Furthermore, every parent who would have this kind of daughter should be grateful because aside from her beauty, she is also a responsible, loving, and respectful child.

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