Meet These Beautiful Ladies Once Linked To John Lloyd Cruz

Almost every couple out there demands privacy in their relationships, but for celebrity couples in the showbiz industry, it’s hopeless. Public eyes corner every angle of their ups and downs, sweet or bad moments making it harder to execute actions freely. If lucky, some survive but the majority of them fail to continue their love.

Frequently, in this industry, it’s normal to fall within short-termed relationships and repeated linkages towards different partners. For social standards, it’s a no-no for this but in this realm where prying eyes of the world penetrate through, it’s acceptable.

A love team always lighten up a show, whether it may be a setup for higher ratings. To make it more genuine, some actors unconsciously get hook to their co-actresses.

A prominent example of this is John Lloyd Cruz, who is now finally settled with Ellen Adarna. A lot of women, however, pierced and snatched the heart of Cruz’s. To know about them, let us have a friendly rewind of Cruz’s past lovers.

1. Kaye Abad

Kaye Abad may be one of the early relationships of John Lloyd Cruz as he stated in an interview that he was “once in love with her.” In their initial years in career, they dated for nine months at a young age of 14 and 15 years old.

2. Krista Ranillo

Tabing-ilog days were very memorable for John Lloyd as well as Krista. Almost a decade back then, Krista confessed that they had a relationship for three months after John Lloyd won her heart in a four-month courtship.

3. Ciara Sotto

Puppy love’s over for John Lloyd after securing a relationship with Ciara Sotto, his big girl crush. They lasted for two years, learning that it was the first committed relationship of the actor.

4. Heart Evangelista

Heart Evangelista, who is now Chiz Escudero’s wife, was once hooked with John Lloyd Cruz. According to the actor, they dated 2005 but he wasn’t able to remember how long it was.

5. Liz Uy

Actresses weren’t his only type but also famous stylists like Liz Uy. They had a relationship that runs for forty-two months, one of his longest and had impacted on his life.

6. Sarah Geronimo

It was never officially announced, but Sarah confessed they had something that could be grown, nourished and treasured. But the two wasted the chance. Talk about wrong timing!

7. Ruffa Gutierrez

If you could reminisce I Love Betty La Fea, then you could remember John Lloyd and Ruffa in the same segment. The two of them settled in a relationship after the show that lasted for almost a year.

8. Shaina Magdayao

The most talked and controversial relationship of John Lloyd Cruz is his relationship with the stunning actress, Shaina Magdayao. Although it existed for only two years, it was the most popular.

9. Angelica Panganiban

Angelica Panganiban was known for her “hugotera” lines and we cannot deny the fact that it is because of the breakup of her and John Lloyd. They were together since 2012 until they cut the ties last 2016.

10. Bea Alonzo

Who wouldn’t know the Popoy-and-Basha tandem?! Bea Alonzo, who co-starred on that movie, has been rumored to be in a relationship with John Lloyd. Sadly, Bea Alonzo clarified that they were only friends.

11. Ellen Adarna

Now, the most recent of his relationships and probably could take up the forever lane, is with Ellen Adarna. Their relationship became popular because of their social media videos together. The couple now lives in a harmony with their son, Elias Modesto.

John Lloyd Cruz may be a certified ‘chic boy’, but all throughout the experiences he gained on his previous relationships, he became a mature grown-up. He tackled all his responsibilities towards his son and his wife who is now living at peace.

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