Take a Look at Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s Ancestral Family House in Mandaluyong City

Celebrities are known to have big houses and are living in exclusive subdivisions or villages. Sharon Cuneta has valued their ancestral house and this is where she and her family are living. Her family was able to preserve the beauty and story of this house.

Her friends call this ancestral house “The Fortress” because of its beautiful and wide outdoor area which is perfect for family gatherings and parties. This house has an elegant look from the inside and out.

Aside from the main house they also have a two-story building prepared for guests who would like to visit their place. It has a wide space and with air-conditioned rooms.


Sharon reveals to the public that she prefers staying at home and this house is perfect for her. She loves reading books and watching DVD movies.

The interior design of the house is more in tune with nature and it was absolutely relaxing. Their house has bamboo curtains which makes the ambiance feel like you are outside in nature.\

Sharon also loves putting arts on her wall like music sheets. They also have a painting of Fr. Armand which is the mother and child. Sharon personally chooses what arts and paintings to put inside her home.


Though the house has a lot of appliances and furniture, it still looks wide and spacious because they are positioned well inside the house.

Sharon also chooses to have antique things in her home like the cabinet carved with a floral design which they brought from Paris.

They also prefer having a long dining table that could accommodate up to 12 persons. It also has a painting on the wall that adds beauty to the place.

With the big house, beautiful interior designs and relaxing outdoor, there is no doubt her friends call this ancestral house “The Fortress”.

Source: realliving.com.ph

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