Sunshine Cruz Deserves to Be Happy as She Started a New Life With Her New Modern House

Sunshine Cruz is just one of the Cruz in showbiz industry that has proven their talents when it comes to singing and acting. This beautiful Filipina actress is born on July 28, 1977, and married a famous actor Cesar Montano in the year 2000.

After marriage, she decided to quit showbiz for a while and became a full-time mom to her children and a full-time wife to her husband. Things did not go as planned and their married life was tested with a lot of problems but she tried to make it work.

She grew tired of being the victim in the broken relationship so she decided to let herself escape from the said nightmare. She was annulled with her husband and is now living her life more happy with her daughters.

Life was a bit hard after the annulment but Sunshine makes sure that her children were well taken care of. They rented a house around in Quezon City for a year and she decided to buy their own house and property on October 20, 2013. After a year, they were able to move into a house they can call their own.

Sunshine shared her sanctuary with the press and according to her, it is situated in over 200 square meter corner lot. She admitted that she doesn’t have the abundance of money to purchase a lot and blessed enough her mother lend her some money to buy her dream property.  

Sunshine is still giving a monthly check to her mom as a payment of the house. Their house is not too big or too small but Sunshine is so proud because now she has something she can call her own.

She is also hands-on in doing the interior design of the house as well as the furniture’s they will be using. Her daughters were also proud of their mom and for them, she is their queen.

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