A Married Couple Became Instant Millionaire After They Accidentally Found a Rusty Cans Filled with Ancient Gold Coins

When we were a lot younger, we are fond of seeking places and go treasure-hunting. We have seen it in the television shows such as cartoons that is why we tend to copy how they search for gems and other extravagances while having some fun.

There is truly a rewarding sentiment when you find something valuable hidden in the pits of the crust, even in our backyards. Several people cross the ocean and travel far just to hunt for treasure.

But this was not the same case with the married couple who were taking their dog for a walk. They were just in Sierra, Nevada when they had turned their fantasies into a total reality.

The couple are a middle-aged husband and wife living a typical normal life. They were walking their dog across their backyard when their dog discovered and spotted the real pot of gold located beneath the hillside of their house. It grabbed the couple’s attention, and in complete curiosity the two started to dig it out using only a stick.

They had then brought the tin can inside their house where they opened it up.
Meanwhile, they found what seemed to look like a cluster of “discs covered in dirt.”

It has turned out that the objects that seemed to be discs covered with dirt were above and beyond ancient preserved nothings. They were indeed a perfectly preserved gold counts with liberty head designs on its anterior.

There were 1, 427 gold coins in total. Piece by piece of the coins has been stuffed inside the rusty cans. It was also recorded to be the largest sum of a discovered hoard of gold coins to ever be excavated in the United States.

The bulk of the coins was believed to be minted in San Francisco between the years 1847 and 1894. The coins are worth $10 million or 540 million pesos in the present market, according to the reports.

Furthermore, reports implied that the coins were in fact in immaculate condition and had never been distributed for expenditure.

“It was a very surreal moment. It was very hard to believe at first, I thought any second an old miner with a mule was going to appear,” the husband blurted out.

In order to keep their lives and property private, the couple decided to keep their identities hidden. They do not want strangers and treasure hunters coming in their courtyard to search for more treasure, aside from the many others.

However two months have passed after finding the treasure, the couple decided to permit a coin dealer named Don Kagin to offer the collection up for sale.

Unveiling their plans to keep the coins for themselves, the couple then use the money to pay off bills and give their local charities. The money that would be mounted up from the auctions will profit the effort to turn the Old Mint into an innovative museum.

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